Lowe’s Grant To Assist First Response Team Of America

As part of its commitment to assist communities impacted by natural disasters, Lowe’s has announced a $750,000 grant to the First Response Team of America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to working alongside local agencies to help communities in need.

The First Response Team uses specialized trucks and equipment to provide immediate assistance after disasters, when resources necessary for rescue and recovery are often damaged, inaccessible or unavailable. The team has responded to more than 70 large-scale disasters since its founding in 2007. Lowe’s began working with the First Response Team in 2012.

In 2013, the First Response Team assisted 16 communities impacted by major disasters and more than 300 local Lowe’s volunteers worked alongside the team to help homeowners in Illinois, Oklahoma and Colorado recover from flooding and tornadoes. This year, the team has responded to help tornado survivors in Arkansas and Mississippi.