Lowe’s Opens Direct Fulfillment Center

Lowe’s has opened a new direct fulfillment center in Coopertown, just outside of Nashville, TN.

The central location of the 1.1 million square foot facility will allow Lowe’s to serve more customers and serve them quickly, the company said. Once the center is fully operational, it will be able to deliver product to customers in 75% of the country in two days or less, according to Lowe’s. The facility is said to have the capacity to ship up to 100,000 packages every day.

Lowe’s developed the fulfillment center to address multiple logistical demands including shipping direct to consumers with advanced picking technology and feeding product coming in from vendors to regional DCs as required.

“The only way you win is to serve customers the way they want to be served,” said Don Frieson, Lowe’s new evp/supply chain. “Our success depends on our ability to provide customers with options and get product in their hands quickly. This facility plays a critical role in that omnichannel service strategy. It will fulfill e-commerce orders direct to 75% of our customers and also will fulfill specific assortments for all U.S. stores.”

Currently, the facility employs 200 people and is expected to employ 600 by the time it is fully operational in 2023. Lowe’s said the $150 million financial investment in the facility will support the company’s goal of growing a nimbler supply chain that can meet customer’s changing needs.

“This facility gives us the ability to create 600 jobs in this local area, with a state-of-the-art facility that we’re very proud of,” said Marvin Ellison, CEO, Lowe’s. “This facility just intensifies our presence and gives us the ability to centralize the number of jobs we can create in this location.”