Lowe’s Supports ‘Generation T’ Initiative

More than 60 organizations have developed and launched ‘Generation T,’ a movement intended to help fill the skilled trade gap that analysts predict will leave three million jobs open by 2028. The initiative is led by home improvement retailer Lowe’s.

Generation T aims to shift the societal perception of the trades by demonstrating the economic mobility possible, exposing children to trade education early and encouraging students to explore career options beyond four-year degree programs, the company noted. The program also connects prospective skilled trade professionals to apprenticeships and jobs through the WeAreGenerationT.com website.

“We believe the professional trades are an essential part of America’s future,” said Jennifer Weber, evp/human resources, Lowe’s. “We’re committed to opening that path to those who relish the challenge of creating something out of raw materials, and take pride and satisfaction in mastering the skills required to do it. We’ve seen the success that can result from empowering people with a skilled trade through our more than 1,350 associates currently enrolled in Lowe’s Track to the Trades program. If we don’t fill the existing skilled trade gap, our businesses, homes and communities will suffer.”

Lowe’s introduced Track to the Trades, a workforce development initiative to provide career alternatives and financial support for Lowe’s associates interested in pursuing a skilled trade. Launched in February 2018, its has more than 1,350 Lowe’s associates enrolled and participating in pre-apprenticeships. Programs include carpentry, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and appliance repair. Lowe’s helps facilitate job placements at the company or within its national network of contractors.