Lululab To Launch AI Skin Care Assistant

Lululab Inc., a Samsung company, will launch an artificial intelligence (AI) skin care assistant, Lumini, at CES 2018. The appliance is said to analyze a user’s entire face and recommend tailored products for that user.

According to the company, Lumini features self-developed AI technology for its three steps: taking a selfie, skin analysis and product recommendation. When a user takes a picture, the device captures footage optimized for analysis by using real-time face recognition technology, and constantly increases accuracy through deep learning when analyzing skin, the company said.

In addition, when Lumini recommends tailored products for users, it finds the products by analyzing online product data and customer reviews through natural language processing, the company said.

“AI is a hot topic in all industries, yet customers cannot take advantage of it,” said Yongjoon Choe, CEO of Lululab. “Lululab will make the first AI trailblazer in the beauty industry so that anyone can easily use our beauty AI solution and experience the next chapter of the beauty industry, and eventually expand it to the health care industry to help improve quality of life.”

Lululab’s Lumini skin care tool targets the global business to business market including the domestic market. The company will launch the product in the consumer market in late 2018.