LumiSource Spotlights 2D LED Table Lamp

LumiSource has announced that it has made an addition to its lighting line up, the 2D LED Table Lamp. The product represents a new element in the LumiSource 2014 occasional furniture line, the company stated, and it features in the most recent LumiSource catalog.

The product now also is on the LumiSource website.

The 2D LED Table Lamp is a unique and statement-making addition to the LumiSource line, the company asserted. It offers an illuminated lamp head, fully equipped with a Color-Phasing Mode and an All-White Mode and, so, provides multiple lighting possibilities as well as a fun shape that can generate a stylish appeal, LumiSource stated. Among other uses, the 2D LED Table Lamp suits children’s rooms, dorms, offices and even everyday lighting, the company maintained.