Macy’s Sets Plans For Safe Holiday Promotions

COVID-19 forced retailers to rethink operations as spring moved into summer, but now that the progression into the holiday season is at hand, Macy’s is already formulating plans to deal with the circumstances it will have to confront.

In a first quarter conference call last week, Jeff Gennette, Macy’s chairman and CEO, said the web and curbside pick up will be part of a plan to make Black Friday and holiday associated promotions safe and successful. Given that Macy’s has one of the top e-commerce destinations in the U.S., he said, the company plans to use digital resources to take traffic pressure off stores so they can maintain social distancing, especially at its biggest destination stores. He characterized curbside pickup as a “secret weapon” that will help Macy’s keep coronavirus-related problems at bay. As many consumers remain concerned about people gathering, curbside pickup is a means of satisfying wary consumers who want to forgo product delivery, Gennette pointed out. Macy’s plans to add extra service for pickup in the holidays

The company also plans to spread out holiday promotions, which will begin rolling out right after Halloween, Gennette said.

Macy’s intends to have resources on hand to maintain access control at the front door of its stores in the holiday timeframe and will maintain social distancing standards by regulating access to sales floors.

The plan still is a work in progress, he pointed out, but Macy’s is determining how it will boost holiday sales while maximizing customer safety.