Macy’s New Technology Programs Creating Virtual Furniture Opportunities

Macy’s is employing technology to make the customer experience more convenient, efficient and fun by employing virtual and augmented reality.

The program will include furniture and beauty that will enable customers to discover products and make more informed buying decisions. Macy’s added that it is technologically enhancing several non-customer facing features including its Beauty Playground training program and RFID that will enable employees to offer customers a better in-store shopping experience as well.

Macy’s is also partnering with Facebook to introduce about 150 e-commerce brands across nine storefronts on its marketplace. The Market at Macy’s partnership with Facebook will provide the company’s virtual bazaar new attractions while the new small businesses and e-commerce brands get access to the retailer’s market in time for the holiday promotional season.

The virtual and augmented reality furniture shopping experiences were developed in partnership with Marxent. By early November, Macy’s said it should have successfully completed the launch of VR for Furniture in 69 Macy’s stores across the country, adding a new in-store shopping function and expanding customer access to a wider variety of products without the need to devote additional floor space.

In pilot stores, Macy’s noted, VR-enhanced furniture sales have increased the overall basket size by more than 60% as compared to non-VR furniture sales, as customers more accurately visualize their targeted space and add multiple furnishings with confidence. Returns from customers who used the VR installation have decreased to less than 2% of total transactions, Macy’s asserted.

In addition, the Macy’s app for iOS devices now includes an augmented reality furniture function dubbed Visualize Your Space that gives users the chance to virtually place furniture items in their intended room spaces. Customers employing the app feature can weigh a potential purchase against existing room decor.