Madeira Adds EcoTeak, Fogo Collection To Cutting Board Line

Known for its line of plantation Teak cutting and serving boards, Madeira is expanding its offering with new finishes and production techniques, company founder Jason Norcross told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®. Key programs this year include the company’s new Fogo series, laser engraving and Eco Teak.

The Fogo series of cutting boards features a darker, more espresso-toned board than the company’s signature teak boards. Constructed of American Ash wood, the boards undergo a fire treatment to give it the dark finish. The line will include both entertaining and serving pieces for food prep and appetizer serving.

The company is also expanding its laser engraving services. Geared towards the gourmet specialty market, the program allows retailers to sell custom boards through drop-shipping. Norcross noted that the custom engraving has opened the company to a wider gift market, and that more consumers are ordering laser-engraved boards in multiples to give as party gifts.

The third initiative the company is launching this year is geared towards the mass-market, Norcross noted. A new brand called Eco Teak expands the company’s teak offering and will feature new packaging and marketing. The teak produced for the Eco Teak line is from plantations in South American countries, such as Brazil and Nicaragua, whereas the signature line of teak boards is produced mainly in South East Asia where the wood is said to be scarcer.