Make An Exceptional Difference In 2019

The December 15 edition marks the close of 2018 for HomeWorld Business and its annual look back at the year’s newsmakers in housewares.

HomeWorld recorded a generally strong year for housewares retailing, a year that fulfilled the promise of a 2017 holiday season that saw several major operators regain solid footing in a shifting retail marketplace. That traction enabled continued progress for many key players though 2018, as the retailing winners pulled away farther from the losers, including some venerable names.

The Right Change

It was a year that rewarded businesses along the housewares supply chain that have confronted disruption and successfully rebooted their strategies— without erasing core attributes in which the businesses are rooted— to serve a market in irrevocable transition.

This year has proven that it is no longer enough to be different. You have to be exceptional.

And the right change can make an exceptional difference.

To that end, HomeWorld Business, which in 2019 will mark its 30th year chronicling the housewares business, has on several occasions adjusted to reflect industry transformation.

Our editors are covering a growing movement in housewares to cut through a fog of commoditization by emphasizing the lifestyle benefits of products over a litany of bells and whistles.

An independent retailer recently told me it’s more compelling today to call a cookware shop a cooking shop. The difference is more than subtle, and the theory applies to how the biggest retailers should represent their offerings. Do they offer simply groupings of product categories; or do they curate connected lifestyle solutions?

Lifestyle Sections

So, HomeWorld Business, beginning with this special 2018 Year in Review issue, has renamed, and in some cases reorganized, its core sections to echo the lifestyle positioning deployed by progressive retailers for their in-store and online presentations.

The new section names: Cook & Bake (cookware and bakeware); Kitchen Electrics; Kitchen Prep (kitchen gadgets, tools and countertop kitchenware); Organize & Clean (home organization, storage and non-electric cleaning tools); Dine & Entertain (tableware, serveware and beverageware); Comfort, Wellness & Beauty (home environment, wellness, personal care and cleaning appliances) and Furnish (home and workspace furniture).

In-Depth Coverage

These adapted sections will continue to feature the in-depth and authoritative news, product and trend coverage HomeWorld editors have strived to deliver to housewares decision makers the past three decades. The new sections more relevantly characterize HomeWorld coverage that advanced several years ago to emphasize the lifestyle experiences so vital now to successful housewares marketing and merchandising.

We’re not just trying to be different in how we represent our sections. We want the difference to be exceptional.

That should be everyone’s goal in 2019.