Mark Feldstein Gains Coca-Cola License

Mark Feldstein & Associates has entered into a license agreement with Coca-Cola to market a series of glass wall clocks, Christmas carol desk/wall sound clocks, power banks and LED night lights.

The collection will include a 12-inch round and square glass wall clock line featuring iconic Coca-Cola advertising imagery on product dials.

In addition, the company stated that it would surround an 8-inch sound clock dial with signature Coca-Cola Santa and Polar Bear designs. The 8-inch clocks generate one of 12 Christmas Carols at the top of each hour.

“Coca-Cola is an iconic brand that has always been an influential part of our culture, creating the perfect formula for the development of a series of new products,” said Mark Feldstein, MFA president. “Combine that with its position as the most universally-recognizable brand name in the world, we anticipate that our Coca-Cola products will become an integral part of our product line.”