Mark Feldstein Introduces Hy-Genie No Touch Hand Tool

The new Hy-Genie No Touch Hand Tool from Mark Feldstein & Associates allows users to keep their hands safe from coming into direct contact with pathogens found on surfaces including those on store checkouts, ATMs, touch screens and gas pumps.

Made of brass, the 3-inch Hy-Genie replaces direct physical manipulation, making it easy to open doors, press buttons and sign a name on electronic devices, even work a lever, without personal contact, the company said.

“Preventing the spread of harmful viruses like coronavirus is a challenging proposition that needs due diligence on many fronts,” said Mark Feldstein, MFA president. “Our Hy-Genie No Touch Hand Tool is the perfect complement to your daily sanitizing routine and a must-have for health-conscious families.”

The company will donate 5% of the Hy-Genie wholesale revenue to the CDC Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund to combat COVID-19.