Mark Feldstein Launches Bob Ross Clocks

Mark Feldstein & Associates has inked an agreement for the Bob Ross license to create and market clocks inspired by the late host of the “The Joy of Painting” PBS television series.

MFA will produce under license a series of whimsical plastic Bob Ross wall and desk clocks with sounds and glass clocks without sounds. The licensed clock dials will feature colorful Bob Ross-inspired designs, and the sound clocks will play his recorded signature expressions such as “We don’t make mistakes, we just have happy accidents.”

MFA’s Bob Ross clocks are the latest in a line of unique products from MFA, including other themed-sound clocks licensed by companies including Audubon, Coca-Cola, Freightliner Trucks, Peanuts and Thomas Kinkade. The company has also introduced such products as the Revers-A-brella inverted no-drip umbrella, Hy-Genie UV-C sanitizing products and SecureBrite LED lighting.

“Bob Ross brought the joy of painting to people around the world with a kind and calm demeanor that continues to make him a cultural icon celebrated by generations of fans”, said Mark Feldstein, MFA president. “We are very excited to develop a group of clocks that showcase the positivity and can-do spirit that Ross communicates to his viewers.”