Mark Feldstein Revives Bird Clock

Mark Feldstein & Associates has released a new limited edition 20th Anniversary Singing Bird Clock for 2019.

The new version of the classic singing bird clock features 12 images and corresponding authentic bird calls, one at the top of each hour. The new clock features birds from the original clock plus new birds such as the bald eagle, pileated woodpecker, common loon and the eastern screech owl.

The new singing bird clock will launch January 1, 2019, in both 8-inch and 13-inch models with suggested retail prices of $14.95 each and $29.95 each respectively.

“Birding is the second most popular hobby next to gardening in North America with over 54 million participants,” said Mark Feldstein, MFA president. “That built-in target audience, combined with pent-up consumer demand for the return of the original singing bird clock after over 10 years, was the impetus for our development of the new 20th anniversary Singing Bird Clock.”