Mark Feldstein Signs Licensing Deal With Freightliner Trucks

In an extension of a key product segment, Mark Feldstein & Associates has signed a licensing agreement with Freightliner Trucks to design, manufacture and distribute a series of sound clocks.

The company will introduce initial Freightliner sound clocks in the second quarter of 2020. The line will include wall and desk clocks featuring Freightliner Trucks on the dial and accurate truck sound reproductions at the top of every hour. The company plans to roll out other Freightliner licensed products in the future.

“Freightliner Trucks has been the recognized innovative leader in over the road vehicles for over 77 years,” said Mark Feldstein, MFA president. “Our one-of-a-kind series of sound clocks will uniquely reflect Freightliner’s rich history and will be very popular with both drivers and truck enthusiasts alike.”