Marshalls Promotes Wedding Gift Alternatives

According to Marshalls, one in three engaged couples are planning non-traditional weddings, signaling cultural shifts nationally, and demonstrating a propensity for the kind of gifting surprises its stores offer.

The off-price retailer cited survey results indicating that 83% of engaged couples are disregarding traditional wedding features if they are not meaningful to them.

As more couples opt for non-traditional weddings, gift expectations are changing, with two out of three engaged couples hoping for surprising or unexpected wedding presents and 42% even forgoing the registry tradition.

“Gone are the days of the standard wedding gifts of china, silverware and linens,” said etiquette expert Lizzie Post. “Couples today crave thoughtful, useful gifts that speak to their personalities. This is why I’m happy to partner with Marshalls. They have a variety of high-quality gift options which makes picking a personal gift and surprising the couple that much more fun.”

Marshalls is promoting Post’s gifting tips, including:

Registries are a convenience for guests but neither mandatory nor definitive, so guests can use their knowledge of the couple to inform their gift choices.

Mix and match gift baskets that reflect the couples’ interests and tastes are an alternative givers can build over multiple shopping trips.

The majority, 81% of women describe themselves as fun, flexible wedding planners open to surprise, so pairing a thoughtful traditional and experience-related gift, for instance wine glasses and a wine tasting class, can gratify couples looking to prolong the wedding fun.

Luggage and other travel-related gifts may be exciting for couples ready to honeymoon.

In considering gifts, givers shouldn’t be bound by strict rules on value or source, Post noted, but should do their best based on budget and relationship, and consider retailers who can help them stretch their dollars.

Victoria Shonkoff, Marshalls vp/marketing director, said, “Shifting trends around weddings open the door to new ways of celebrating and gifting the special couples in our lives. We take pride in offering thoughtful, quality gift options at prices you’ll love, and we’re excited to inspire shoppers to think beyond a registry and consider giving more personalized gifts.”