Mastrad Rolling Out New Thermometers

Mastrad will roll out new thermometers at the International Home + Housewares Show.

The M Chocolate 2-in1 Thermospatula is designed to temper chocolate. The thermometer has a flexible silicone tip that enables consumers to stir and scrape the edges of chocolate while indicating the temperature. It also comes with a built-in stand so the spatula won’t come into contact with the work surface. The probe is said to provide precise temperature readings and the removable tip can be washed and used for other types of meats as well.

The company will also introduce the M Control dual cooking probe, which features a dual cooking probe with type K dual thermocouple sensors. The sensors are designed to monitor the ideal cooking utensil such as a stainless steel pan, grill or bbq for searing meat, making eggs or similar endeavors. The type K thermocouple sensors are also designed to offer a quick, immediate reading of the temperature on the tool’s backlit screen.