Maverick Introduces Connected Barbecue Thermometers

Maverick has introduced the WiFi enabled Roasting and Barbecue Thermometer, model ET-736, and the Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer, model ET-735.

Model ET-736 utilizes an iOS and Android compatible app to check cooking progress from anywhere, the company said. The new thermometer comes with two probes to monitor multiple foods. It also alerts consumers once their food is done cooking.

The new thermometer is also capable of downloading recipes from the Internet and storing personal recipes that can be shared. The ET-736 thermometer can either be plugged into a direct current or used with a rechargeable battery.

Maverick will also introduce the Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer, model ET-735. It uses a Bluetooth app that is both iOS and Android compatible. The thermometer holds up to four probes that can be individually programmed for different foods.

The Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer contains a full line of pre-set temperatures for a variety of different foods, including game meats. The device notifies the user of updates and lets them know when their food is done.