Meet The Judges: Kiel Mead

This exclusive video series profiles each of the 2017 Housewares Design Awards judges and their views on what makes a product great.

Kiel Mead

Kiel Mead’s career centers around the design community and the platforms he has shaped to highlight the creative output of other designers.

In 2008, Mead co-founded the American Design Club to encourage and promote the efforts of established and emerging designers by partnering with museums, retailers and curators to create exhibitions for designers and the process of design creation. Since then, the AmDC has seen an increasing number of talented emerging designers benefit from the exposure gained with displaying their work in exhibitions and fairs produced by the club.

The AmDC has complemented these exhibitions with an online shop, designer collaborations, gift fair booths, pop-up shops and sponsored events in conjunction with like-minded companies. Today, American Design Club is a fully functional sales representation company for emerging brands and designers.

2017 Housewares Design Awards Judges (click on name for profile):
Jason Belaire
Max Burton
Steve Cozzolino
Monique Epstein
Eric Ludlum
Kiel Mead
Mary Moore
Helen Maria Nugent
Deborah Shearer
Kathleen Taggart
Howard Thornton
David Tisdale