Meijer Expands Shop & Scan To All Stores

Meijer has completed a 15-month initiative to offer Shop & Scan technology at all of its stores across the Midwest, rolling out the advanced checkout option to 44 stores throughout southeastern Michigan.

In addition to Shop & Scan, the retailer also offers home delivery and a pick-up option in all 246 stores in six states, providing customers multiple ways to shop Meijer stores.

Shop & Scan works through a mobile app that allows customers to shop and bag as they go. Once they download the free Meijer mobile app, customers use Shop & Scan to scan bar codes on items and bag their own groceries. A running total of items purchased is viewable as they shop. Once a customer has completed their shopping, they simply scan their phone at a self-checkout lane and pay.

“As we’ve rolled the program out in six states, the response has been incredibly enthusiastic,” said Stephanie Brackenridge, director of customer experience for Meijer. “Customers have appreciated the ability to have a choice in shopping how they want, depending on how their day is going. Many are finding the opportunity to personalize their store visit with a cell phone is a great way to save time and help avoid lines.”

Since the original pilot launch last year in Grand Rapids, the Meijer mobile app has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times, the company said, while the initiative continued to steadily expand to stores throughout Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and Kentucky. Once the app was downloaded, more than 80% of Meijer customers have repeatedly used the Shop & Scan app as part of their shopping experience, according to the company.