Meijer Expands Teacher Discount Program

With schools starting classes, Meijer is moving to make things easier for teachers who will be buying school supplies for their classrooms and home offices out of their own pockets.

The company is extending its 15% discount on classroom essentials across the entire 2020/2021 school year. It also has added face masks and hand sanitizers to its annual 15% Off Teacher Discount at all Meijer stores.

With schools across the Midwest opening doors again, Michigan-based Meijer pointed to a recent study demonstrating that teachers anticipate repeatedly adjusting, refilling and updating their supplies in the coming months, as more than 80% expect their students to experience a back and forth mixture of virtual and in-person learning. According to a Center of Education Statistics, Schools and Staffing Survey, the retailer noted, 94% of public school teachers say they spend their own money on notebooks, pens and other supplies without reimbursement.

“There are so many uncertainties as teachers head back to classes, and we’ve heard the plans may change throughout the year, so our goal is to help them shop with confidence whenever they need to refill supplies,” said Brandon Pasch, Meijer director/back-to-school merchandising. “We hope that extending the 15% discount for the entire school year helps reduce the stress to their pocketbooks as they continue gathering supplies for their classrooms and home offices.”