Melitta Grows Coffee Lineup With Pour-Over Brewer

NEW YORK— As an assortment of Melitta electric coffeemakers are rolled out through the holiday edition of Chef’s Catalog, the coffee-related brand’s lineup is being expanded with the debut of a pour over unit.

Featured in the retailer’s recent Holiday 2018 Catalog, the Senz V unit is touted as a pour over device that “imparts five senses” as part of the coffee experience. According to the company, the unit allows the end-user to quantify and assess the coffee quality by measuring and controlling weight, time, temperature, coffee extraction and ultimately the taste of the coffee brewed.

Equipped with a stainless steel scale and ceramic brew cone, the coffeemaker has a touch control panel with LCD display. Battery operated with a USB charging port, consumers can remotely control the unit via Bluetooth and an app that can be downloaded to a smartphone.

“The Senz V allows the consumer to brew a cup of coffee that meets their specific taste,” said Michael Miller, vp/sales and marketing, Melitta. “And they then can make the same tasting cup of coffee over and over.”

The new pour over unit brings the Melitta electric coffeemaker line into the pour over segment, one that has long been home to the Melitta brand. With a long history in the non-electric pour over category, Melitta in recent years has seen a resurgence in sales of non-electric pour over products as a growing number of consumers have tapped into the specialty coffee movement and sought out different ways to brew coffee at home.

In the holiday edition of Chef’s Catalog, the Senz V unit along with a selection of Melitta-branded electric coffeemakers are featured alongside other Melitta coffee products including the non-electric 1-cup porcelain pour over unit and the stainless steel goose-neck kettle.

Other coffe electric appliances in the catalog include four 10-cup units under Melitta’s Aroma line that includes a grind & brew coffeemaker.

The electric units in the current Chef’s Catalog follow the assortment’s introduction earlier this year at the International Home + Housewares Show, which was first reported by HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.

Miller noted that new Melitta-branded electric coffeemakers are now in the development process with the appliances expected to be showcased this coming March at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. Specifics on those products were not immediately available.