Mellow Launches Sous Vide Machine On Kickstarter

Mellow, Inc. has launched the Mellow Duo, a dual-vat smart-enabled sous vide machine through a Kickstarter campaign.

According to the startup company, the new sous vide features an improved refrigeration system that allows consumers to cook their food and also keep it safely chilled until it’s time to cook.

“In a society that’s more time-constrained than ever, it can be hard to cook healthy, high-quality meals at home,” said Zalmi Duchman, CEO of Mellow Inc. “Mellow Duo improves upon its older sibling by affording home chefs the opportunity to cook for larger groups, or to cook complete meals with sides in the same machine.”

The Mellow Duo sous vide features sensors that actively monitor water temperatures to ensure it’s cool enough to keep food chilled at food-safe temperatures. If the water isn’t cold enough, Mellow Duo will prompt a series of actions to quickly cool the water so it’s ready to go.

The double wall construction of the sous-vide vat is said to ensure energy efficiency and is also removable for cleaning. The dual chamber allows consumers to cook dishes such as surf and turf, or an entree and sides while using two side-by-side vats, or cook a larger portion of one dish in the large single vat that holds up to 14 portions.

The company also included an AI-enabled app that includes tips for cooking sous vide and suggestions based on user ratings of each dish cooked.

The Mellow Duo sous vide is available to pre-order with a suggested retail price of $149.