Mepra Acquires Punto Soave

Mepra, an Italian flatware and food service manufacturer, has acquired Punto Soave, an Italian manufacturer of custom tableware goods. Together, the brands will offer custom solutions to the hospitality market, as well as select retailers, the companies said. The merged businesses will keep operating under separate names, but the two brands will go to market together.

“At Mepra, we strongly believe everyone is different. In everything we do, our goal is to offer our partners the chance to distinguish themselves. Through our history, our craftsmanship and our technology, and thanks to our creativity and flexibility, we produce unique and customized professional tools for culinary art,” said Luca Prandelli, managing partner of Mepra.

The acquisition also enables Mepra to enhance its customization capabilities, not limiting it to metal and PVD, but giving access to different materials.

“Punto Soave embodies the melding between manufacturing, design and culinary tradition. Our purpose is to design and produce, through the skills of local artisans, the right dress for each recipe. That’s why we like to define ourselves as ‘the tailors of taste,'” said Matteo Mendo, founder and CEO of Punto Soave.

Mendo said the materials that Punto Soave uses are predominantly ceramic, porcelain, glass, wood and metal, driven by its research of nature and how it can be adapted to culinary gourmet needs.

“We are excited to bring these two unique entities into our markets. Collectively they will offer the most innovated and customized solutions for the hospitality trade. Chefs, owners, designers and collaborators will be able to see their visions of creativity and desires come to life. We expect to be ready to go to market on January 1, 2020,” said Eduardo Artidiello, president North America, Mepra.