Mepra Releases Antibacterial Flatware Treatment

Mepra is releasing its antibacterial nanotechnology treatment for its flatware.

The company said the technology is based on the PVD technology that Mepra utilizes and introduced for its tabletop products back in 2008. The new treatment is designed to stop bacteria from replicating and is said to kill and eliminate the bacteria, according to the company.

Mepra said that for now, it is possible to produce the technology treatment in Antibacterial Stainless Steel; Antibacterial Oro (Gold) and Antibacterial Oro Nero (Black gold). These can be combined with three finishes: mirror, ice and pewter.

Every pattern will be available in the three finishes for custom orders, with a six week lead time. For now, Mepra said it will stock four patterns for immediate availability: Atena, Brescia and Linea.