Meyer Corp. To Launch Breville Branded Cookware

Meyer Corp. has partnered with kitchen appliance supplier Breville to develop a Breville-branded cookware assortment. The new collection will hit the shelves at “key” retailers in January and will offer consumers the choice of stainless steel or hard anodized cookware assortments.

Darrin Johnston, Meyer’s managing director, U.S. and Latin America operations, told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® that the partnership with Meyer and Breville began several years ago. When the companies realized how well they worked together, he said, the conversation shifted to working to create a national cookware strategy that lived up to the brand Breville has already built and maintains in the U.S. for its culinary focused kitchen electrics assortment of beverage, cooking and food preparation appliances.

“We really had the opportunity to learn from Breville,” Johnston said. “How they vet their message, how they get it out there. They are one of the strongest brand teams in the marketplace.”

Maintaining the brand message is a point that Damian Court, president, Breville USA, also made. “We needed to come up with unique levels of performance and we needed to deliver something with unique benefits to the market. That’s what we are known for and that’s what we want to live up to,” Court said.

The hard anodized non-stick cookware line will include a 10-piece set positioned at $499.99 retail with a full open stock assortment. The clad stainless steel collection, also with a full open stock assortment, will include a 10-piece set positioned at $599.99 retail.

The companies said they will also collaborate on the marketing and development of the brand across the cookware category, both in-stores and online. To the consumer, however, the brand message will be fluid and unified, according to both Court and Johnston.

“We are doing everything that is true to Breville’s brand so that it’s a seamless transition. It’s all about the consumer experience and what they have come to know and trust about the Breville brand,” Johnston said.

For more on Meyer Corp. and Breville cookware, see the October 26, 2015, issue of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.