Meyer Spotlights Anolon Multi-Functional Cookware

Meyer is showcasing multi-functional cookware from Anolon that can make creating meals easier and more convenient for consumers, the company said.

The company is highlighting its Anolon Advanced Home Two-Step Meal Set, which allows home cooks to use it as a Dutch oven, as well as repurpose the lid as a separate pan that can be used on the stove or oven.

The Dutch oven has a 5-quart capacity. The lid, which shifts into an “everything pan,” is 10 inches in diameter.

Recently introduced, Anolon Advanced Home offers Anolon’s signature Infinity Slide enhanced non-stick cooking surface, which is designed to last up to 16 times longer than traditional non-stick cookware, according to the company.

The Two-Step Meal Set is available in bronze and moonstone. It has a suggested retail price of $79.99.