Michael Todd Beauty To Offer Clarisonic-Compatible Replacement Brushes

Michael Todd Beauty, which offers the Soniclear brand of sonic facial cleansing brushes, is planning to launch a line of Clarisonic-compatible replacement brushes. The company said the move is in response to retail partners and Clarisonic users reaching out for replacement brushes following L’Oreal’s decision to shut down Clarisonic.

Michael Friend, Michael Todd Beauty’s president, said, “Patent pending Clarisonic compatibles will feature polished bristle tips for gentle, non-irritating cleansing and Michael Todd’s signature Life antimicrobial protection, the same features we offer in our Soniclear brushes. The new Clarisonic-compatible brushes will thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate, polish and improve the complexion in a single 30-second cleansing and stay cleaner, fresher longer between uses with our patented antimicrobial technology.”

The Clarisonic-compatible replacement brushes will come in two skin types initially: regular and sensitive. Other models with additional features are also being planned. Clarisonic compatibles will be available on the company’s website, where pre-orders are being accepted starting August 1. Additional retailers will soon follow.