Microplane Announces National Consumer Ad Campaign

Microplane today announced the roll out of a national consumer advertising campaign that positions Microplane as “A Cut Above” its competition, and spotlights the brand’s unique position as America’s original premium hand-held grater with an exclusive and patented blade design, according to the company.
“We are very excited to broaden our marketing efforts for the brand with a strategic national advertising campaign that not only touts our heritage as the first to create a premium hand-held grater, but also reinforces our position as an industry leader in developing extraordinarily sharp kitchen tools,” said Tracy Panase, marketing manager at Microplane. “We’re delighted to begin communicating our message of product innovation and ingenuity more aggressively to millions of targeted consumers.”
Beginning in July and extending through the 4th Quarter in epicurean publications such as Food & Wine, Cooking Light and Food Network Magazine, Microplane’s new print ad campaign is expected to reach a total audience of more than 18 million food enthusiasts. Microplane plans to continue the ad campaign beyond this year.
In the new Microplane ad campaign, five key graters and kitchen tools are spotlighted individually, including the Classic Zester, the Gourmet Medium Ribbon Grater, The Gourmet Ultra Coarse Grater, the award-winning Box Grater, and the new-for-summer-and-fall-2010 manual Herb Mill. Headline copy for each ad includes a play-on-words to distinguish the brand’s superiority and best-in-class market positioning. For example the Classic Zester ad utilizes the tagline, “What Makes the Microplane Zester Grater?” , while the Box Grater ad asks the rhetorical question, “How Does Microplane Think Outside the Box?”