Microplane Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Microplane is celebrating 25 years in the housewares industry this year.

The Microplane rasp was invented in 1990 by Richard and Jeff Grace, founders of Grace Manufacturing, Inc. It was originally intended for use as a woodworking tool to rapidly smooth and shape wood using razor sharp teeth. However, in 1994, the brothers heard about the increased use of the tool in the kitchen to grate ingredients and transitioned the marketing of the rasp from the woodshop to the kitchen.

According to company officials, the success of the original Microplane in the kitchen has led to the launch of many other kitchen gadgets from Microplane. Today, Microplane designs and manufactures over 40 kitchen tools and gadgets.

In addition, the raspy-style grater’s impact in the culinary world has led to many professional chefs, home cooks and even publications that refer to any hand-held grater as a Microplane, the company noted. Additionally, acclaimed chefs, cookbook authors, and other prominent food influencers are said to name Microplane as one of their must-have kitchen tools.

Over the years, Microplane has moved beyond graters and zesters and developed innovative kitchen tools to make food preparation easier with frequently used ingredients. Gadgets include a vegetable spiralizer, multi-functional bar tool, spice mill, butter tool, and round-shaped vegetable and fruit peelers.