Mila Launches Smart Air Purifier On Kickstarter

San Francisco-based startup Mila has launched its smart air purifier with a recent Kickstarter campaign.

“With Mila, we wanted to empower every family to know and do more about the air they’re breathing,” said Grant Prigge, co-founder and CEO of Mila. “We live in a world where more than 9 in 10 children around the world are exposed to air that puts their health at risk— yet we know less about what’s in our air than in our morning bagels. We set out to change this.”

The Mila air cleaner introduces a “time to clean” function to achieve target air quality; a room presence detector; learning the size of each room; personalized filters (e.g., addressing allergies, pet odors, home renovation, urban smog); a carbon monoxide sensor; and a warning for at risk of mold growth.

The air purifier further tracks outdoor air quality, and monitors how protected the home is. The unit comes with a full color display and a smartphone app that enables real-time monitoring and control.

The air cleaner touts a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 411 m3/hr. Its patent-pending dual-flow filter includes 45 square feet of HEPA, and the option to add up to one pound of granular activated carbon for gas-phase filtration of household odors and harmful VOCs.

The Mila air cleaner was originally beta tested in China and backed by Electrolux, the company noted. The Mila air cleaner starts at $199 and is available for international shipping through its Kickstarter campaign.