Millennial Consumers Boost Espresso Maker Growth Potential

While U.S. household penetration of espresso machines remains low when compared with the much larger coffeemaker segment, the category continues to grow and, based on research conducted for the HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® Forecast Consumer Survey, the future prospects for growth may be even brighter.

When assessing consumer interest in a potential espresso machine purchase, Millennial consumers, roughly estimated between the ages of 18 and 35, were significantly more likely than their older consumer counterparts to make a purchase in the coming year. At least some of that predilection likely stems from widespread accessibility to both boutique and chain coffeehouses, whose rapid expansion across the United States over the past two decades has made them a fixture in the social routines of younger consumers.

Providing exposure to a diverse range of coffee flavored drinks, often requiring significantly more effort to produce than the traditional drip coffeemakers of their parents’ generation, U.S. coffeehouse culture
is helping to shape the coffee drinking habits of a new generation of consumers. Coinciding with this evolution has been a rapid proliferation in the number and styles of espresso making appliances, growing numbers of which are aimed squarely at giving average consumers the ability to produce coffeehouse quality drinks with increasing ease and simplicity.

And while the U.S. still lags significantly behind Europe in espresso machine purchase and espresso- based beverage consumption, there has been an increasing migration of European style machines, both traditional and increasingly single-serve, to the U.S. market. As a result, the espresso maker category has shown consistent growth across a wide spectrum of pricepoints and product configurations.