Mintel: Seasonality A Key Consumer Personal Care Buying Trend

Based on a new research report, Mintel Beauty & Personal Care noted that the change in season plays a large role in consumer personal care and beauty regimens, similar to how new makeup color stories or fragrances are introduced during spring or fall.

According to Mintel, the data further revealed that manufacturers are increasingly tapping into this trend by introducing more solutions-oriented products that offer defense against the effects of specific weather conditions.

Seasonal products accounted for as many as 11.1% of all beauty and personal care launches in 2014, up from 9.8% in 2011, said Mintel, while seasonal facial skin care launches rose from 0.5% of global launches in 2009 to 1.2% in 2014.

This also provides a new marketing opportunity for manufacturers of facial care and grooming devices, which are increasingly being paired with consumables such as facial care lotions, serums and pre-shave treatments, for the increased efficacy they provide.

“The future will see the arrival of boosters that address cold, damp weather as well as the extremes of dryness,” said Vivienne Rudd, director of insight, beauty and personal care at Mintel. “Meanwhile, extreme summer conditions are calling for products which protect the skin from heat and humidity as well as UV damage, and which build up resilience against the forthcoming autumnal changes. By creating these seasonal options, brands have a chance of building year-round loyalty.”