Mintel: Wearable Fitness Trackers On the Rise

According to recent Mintel research, 18% of Americans who exercise use a wearable fitness tracker and 31% would be interested in trying one. The company suggested this data forecasts a possible shift in consumer attitude towards exercise, with more people taking up a routine for fun or enjoyment rather than solely as a way to improve health and prevent future medical issues.

Further, when it comes to gender, the research indicated that men are more likely to use wearable fitness trackers, with 38% of 18-34 year-olds and 24% of 35-54 year-old exercisers reporting usage.

“Wearable fitness trackers are a game-changer in the exercise industry,” said Emily Krol, health and wellness analyst at Mintel. “They allow people to track their movement, set goals, and measure progress over time. This can be hugely motivating for those who struggle with sticking to an exercise program. Because of this, sales and usage of wearable fitness trackers have increased in recent years.“ 

Krol also said that usage is still lower than other exercise tools, as is market penetration most likely due to the expense. However, interest is high and should remain so as the anticipation of new design innovations come along. In addition, she also forecasted that as devices become more prominent, prices are expected to go down, making adoption in this category more steady.