Mobility Sparks RTA Home Office Design Evolution

Just what is a home office today?

The home office is evolving as electronics and style trends transform the traditional home office into a mobile blend of home décor and function. In the annual 2015 Home & Small Office Furniture Report, HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® explores how retailers and vendors are adapting their home office designs to suit changing consumer lifestyle preferences.

Style and function are currently having a reciprocal relationship in home office furniture design, a good sign for the mass-market home furnishings segment.

Once upon a time, home office furniture was fairly routine, a desk, usually of a middle size between a student’s and an office desk, with space for files, supplies and, later, the various elements comprising a personal computer.

With the advent of portable electronics, however, things changed. Now, no one had to visit the dedicated home office space to take care of tasks, communicate electronically or play computer games. Those activities can happen just about anywhere today as laptops, tablets and smartphones have taken over from PCs.

In the 2015 Home & Small Office Furniture Report, HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® explores recent home office furniture initiatives including Staples’ expansion of its line with Martha Stewart; Ikea’s launch of wireless charging products; West Elm’s targeting of younger consumers, small space living and its new home office collection launch; Wayfair’s back to school and YouTube marketing initiatives; and Walmart’s broader, yet flexible approach to home office. Plus, a look at some of the latest home office design trends from the recent High Point Market.

See the June 8 issue of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® for the 2015 Home & Small Office Furniture Report.