Monkey Business Readies New Kitchenware Designs

Monkey Business is preparing several new kitchenware designs at the upcoming winter markets.

The new Blue Bear re-freezable ice packs are designed for keeping food packed in lunch boxes and totes chilled. The bear shaped ice blocks are available in two sizes, a mom bear and a cub. They come pre-filled with non-toxic fluid, ready to be placed in the freezer for chilling. The ice packs are made of BPA-free plastic.

The Hike Mike is a stainless steel infuser that can be filled with herbs and spices and dropped into a pot for steeping. The infuser’s silicone “Mike” grip anchors itself so it doesn’t disappear into the soup. The new gadget is dishwasher safe and heat resistant.

The company’s latest addition to its Big Pasta collection is the Mezzelune shaped oven mitt. Made of sturdy silicone it is suitable for handling hot trays and dishes.

In addition, the company will introduce its Corkers in a new series of dinosaur designs. Each set includes various body parts for different dinosaurs, that can be inserted into the cork.