Moso Natural Introduces Air Purifying Refrigerator Bag

Moso Natural has expanded its line of Moso Bags with the introduction of the Moso Air Purifying Bag For The Refrigerator, a 75-gram bag that adheres via suction cup to the wall of a refrigerator or freezer and eliminates odors.

Eliminating the need for baking soda, the Moso Bag begins eliminating major food odors within hours and in days any foul or pungent odors are completely neutralized by the bamboo charcoal in the Moso bag, the company said. In addition to eliminating odors, the company added, the Moso Bag also absorbs gases which helps keep food fresh longer and dehumidifies to prevent excess moisture, mold and mildew. It is said to be safe around food and can last for up to two years.

The Moso Bag is available now in light blue and has a suggested retail price is $7.95.

“People asked us all the time if the Moso Bag could be used in the refrigerator,” said Eric Rubin, president and CEO of Moso Natural. “While any of our bags can be used anywhere, we realized it would be great to design a bag specifically for this purpose. Our testers are loving this product, especially the convenience of being able to stick it to a refrigerator wall.”