MyRegistry Levels Gift-Giving Field For Small Retailers has launched a universal gift registry software solution to give small retailers a competitive edge in the gifting industry.

The universal gift registry solution offers small retailers operating boutique digital storefronts better visibility, the company stated. MyRegistry developed a software solution dubbed Plug & Play. The software plugs right into the retailer’s website, is compatible with all major site platforms and is customizable. The software gives registrants the flexibility to add gifts from any store and keep track of everything on one list in one place. MyRegistry can customize the software for any brand. Once they begin running the software, retailers can log into a personalized dashboard where they’ll find data to help them market their products and registry.

“Small retailers have faced the uphill battle of getting exposure in the shadow of big box retailers for years,” said Nancy Lee, MyRegistry president. “Unless a retailer sells a bit of everything, people aren’t going to register with them. It’s not that customers don’t want items from their stores. They do, but it’s more about the perception of having too many registries. Registrants don’t want to appear greedy.”