National Hardware Show Honors Homewares Award Winners

Day two, May 9, of the 2018 National Hardware Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center featured a number of award presentations, capped by the selection of an all-natural liquid soap as the gold honoree of the Homewares Awards.

This show marked the 10th anniversary of the Homewares Awards, presented by HomeWorld Business in partnership with the National Hardware Show to recognize innovative new housewares and household products from among the show’s Homewares Show division.

The Gold Homewares Award went to Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure Castile all-natural, liquid soaps for body, hair, laundry and household cleaning.

The Silver Homewares Award was presented to Plott’s Miletus, an interactive digital mapping tool that pairs a mapping wheel with a mobile phone app to facilitate the mapping, designing and execution of home design and renovation projects.

The Bronze Award winner is Comadeco Canada’s Ovni Blockystar, a versatile door and window stop in several colors that can be positioned a variety of ways without tools for most doors and windows.

Honorable Mention went to Skyline Brands for its latest Modern Home electric air fryer, a multi-function digital unit with an advanced air circulation method and several cooking accessories, including rotisserie and basket attachments.

The Homewares Awards were judged based on several design, marketing and merchandising criteria by a panel of retailers, including Keith French, Ace; Mollie Joustra, Ace; Ella Flanagan, Firefly Buys; Mike McClennan, Home Hardware; Margoe Frazis, HSN; Steve Domingues, Orchard Supply Hardware; Kelly Boyle, Sears; Bobbi Stepp, Sears; John Rij, Wakefern; and Steph Marr, Wayfair.

The National Hardware Show also awarded $100,000 to Matt Woods, CEO of Woods Hardware in Cincinnati, OH, chosen as the winner of the show’s second annual Re-Imagine Retail competition.

Woods Hardware plans to use the prize money to implement a program to offer same-day delivery to customers within a three-mile radius of each of its five stores.

Woods Hardware has already developed a 3D walkthrough of its downtown Cincinnati store linking to its e-commerce website. The complete plan would enable for customers a virtual walk-through of store aisles, allowing them to click on an item and have it delivered the same day.