Neato Advances Botvac Connected Capabilities

Neato Robotics has launched a software update introducing multiple floor plan mapping and quick boost charging for its Botvac D7 Connected robotic vacuum.

The new software update enables the creation of multiple floor plans, offering consumers more freedom and flexibility to create a more personal cleaning plan for the home, the company said. Once created, ‘NoGo’ lines can be added to tell the robot which places to avoid cleaning floor by floor. For added convenience, Neato is now offering the charge base as a stand-alone accessory, so consumers can easily charge and initiate cleaning on any floor.

Neato is also introducing Neato Quick Boost charging to allow the Botvac D7 Connected vacuum to calculate how much power it needs to finish its cleaning run and top up accordingly. The robotic vacuum will return to its base automatically, get a quick boost and resume cleaning the rest of the floor plan, the company said.

“This software upgrade marks a significant step forward at Neato in our commitment to personalized cleaning. With multiple floor mapping and quick boost we saw an opportunity to respond to a consumer need quickly, while making the robot smarter with these significant software updates. At Neato, we know that some of our consumers have large homes to clean, and more than one floor. They need to be able to have the freedom to create a more personal cleaning experience, and to have a product which has the charge and ability to clean the whole home automatically,” said Matt Petersen, Neato CEO. 

These new features will be part of the robot software update 4.2.0 and Neato app version 2.6.0; current users of the Botvac D7 Connected robot vacuums will receive a notification on their Neato app to download and install the latest software.

The Neato Botvac D7 Connected carries a suggested retail price of $799. The Neato Charge Base is available with a suggested retail price of $39.99.