Neato Advances Robotic Vacuum Lineup

Neato Robotics recently launched its newest models for its premium lineup— the Neato D10, D9 and D8— at IFA Berlin 2020.

“We combined Neato’s 15 years of experience in this industry with customer feedback and the latest innovations in robotics and AI technology, and we’re thrilled to introduce these amazing new products— our best ever— to the world. Neato’s newest line of intelligent robot vacuums are unique in design and technology, with a premium user experience and new MyNeato app that shows our commitment to making everyday living easier through robotics,” said Thomas Nedder, CEO, Neato.

Neato’s D-shaped robotic vacuums can reach corner-to-corner and edge-to-edge for a more complete clean using the widest brush and largest dirt bin in the market, the company said.

With a runtime of up to 150 minutes, a True HEPA filter to capture up to 99.97% of allergens as small as 0.3 microns, and the latest LaserSmart LIDAR-based technology, the Neato D10 is said to be an ultra-performance unit.

The Neato D9 has a HEPA-style filter capturing 99.5% of dust and allergens, a runtime of up to 120 minutes, and Neato’s signature LaserSmart technology.

The Neato D8 comes with large dirt bin, extra wide brush and the latest LaserSmart technology with a better user experience, a runtime of up to 90 minutes, and improved cleaning effectiveness.

The new product line will be available in fall 2020 at participating retailers across North America, Europe and Japan, and in the U.S. on the company’s website.