Neato Unveils Botvac D Series

Neato has introduced the Botvac D series, its latest line of robotic vacuums, which the company said features an improved brush system that is quieter, enhances cleaning performance and is easier to maintain.

The new Botvac D75, D80 and D95 are said to have powerful suction and are designed for use on all floor types, including hardwood. Each is equipped with a new spiral blade brush, which Allen Hollingshead, Neato vp/sales, Americas/Asia Pacific, noted has a curved design that helps reduce the sound of the blade on the floor, while cleaning.

The Botvac D75 comes with a standard filter and the spiral blade brush, while the D80 and D85 have what the company said are high performance filters and are designed for challenging hair pickup, such as from pets. All of the vacuums in the Botvac D series incorporate Neato’s laser navigation system.

“A Neato robot vacuum is truly a bot with a brain,” said Giacomo Marini, Neato chairman and CEO. “Neato knows where it’s been, where it’s going and how to navigate an entire household.”

In addition to its improved functions, Neato has introduced a more modern, sleek design for the Botvac D series. Each vacuum is available in black and white.

The Botvac D75 has an SRP of $499, while the D80 and D85 have SRPs of $549 and $599 respectively. The new vacuums are available for pre-order now via Amazon and Best Buy, with delivery scheduled for early July.