Negg Maker Egg Tool Offered On Kickstarter

After a funding campaign on Kickstarter, the co-creators behind the Negg Maker egg tool have made the egg tool available for pre-order on the crowdfunding site.
According to the campaign site, consumers can put an egg into the Negg Maker and add some water and shake. The device then utilizes egg-shaped bumps on the inside of the tool to help facilitate the removal of the shell on the sides of a hard boiled egg.

“Some household chores shouldn’t be difficult. Peeling boiled eggs is one of them. After much trial and error, we have come up with a great product. The Negg Maker is so simple, yet solves a long-standing kitchen nightmare,” said Bonnie Tyler, Negg Maker co-creator.

The Negg Maker will be available on Kickstarter for a reduced suggested retail price of $14 through November 30.