Nespresso Assists In Reviving South Sudan Coffee Industry

Nespresso is partnering with TechnoServe and USAID to strengthen efforts to rebuild the coffee industry in South Sudan.

According to information from Nespresso, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will invest $3.18 million in a three-year project. The goal is to revive the African nation’s coffee industry, diversify its export market and raise the household incomes of smallholder coffee farmers.

“This new partnership with USAID will be instrumental to accelerate the progress Nespresso and TechnoServe have already made, working directly with South Sudanese farmers,” said Jean-Marc Duvoisin, CEO of Nestlé Nespresso. “This funding injection will allow us to scale up the project and help an even greater number of farmers grow and sell high quality coffee for international export at a higher price, thus creating a better quality of life for farmers and their families.”

Since 2011, Nespresso and TechnoServe— a development non-profit organization— have worked directly with local farmers to revive high-quality coffee production in South Sudan, while developing commercial channels to enable its sale and export. Nespresso has already invested more than $2.5 million in the project. The country’s coffee industry was decimated after years of civil war, and oil now comprises 99% of its exports.

To date, more than 700 farmers have been integrated into the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program, which provides support, training and technical assistance to improve sustainability and productivity, while maintaining the highest quality coffee. South Sudan’s first wet mills, equipment to process coffee cherries into coffee beans, have been established, and the first coffee export was sold as a Nespresso limited edition in France last year.