Neutrogena To Launch Connected Skin Care Tool

This week at CES in Las Vegas, Neutrogena, a Johnson & Johnson company, will debut a new skin care tool using skin imaging technology with accompanying Skin360 app.

Neutrogena collaborated with start-up Fitskin, Inc. on the development of the beauty tool and mobile app. The Neutrogena SkinScanner tool powered by FitSkin and app is said to give users an in-depth understanding of their skin’s condition and needs, customized advice and a clear way to track and assess progress over time.

According to the company, the SkinScanner tool fits over the user’s phone, and utilizes precision technology to reveal key metrics of skin health. It features 12 high-powered lights, a 30x magnification lens and sensors to capture the size and appearance of pores, the size and depth of fine lines and wrinkles and the skin’s moisture levels.

“Shopping for skin care products can be an overwhelming and confusing experience for our consumer because she is uncertain about what her skin really needs,” said Sebastien Guillon, global president of beauty, Johnson & Johnson Consumer. “Smart and connected technology helps us provide our consumer with personalized analyses and information she needs in real time so she can make decisions that will help her achieve her best skin ever.”

The Neutrogena SkinScanner tool and Skin360 app will be available later this year for $49.99.