New High Point Off-Market Events Debuting

With coronavirus-related shifts prompting buyers and vendors to consider new ways of doing business, opportunities for exhibitors to connect with retail customers via their High Point showrooms have emerged, according to the High Point Market Authority. For about 100 exhibitors, adaptive strategies include finding fresh ways to use their spaces at the venue to connect with buyers during off-market periods.

Three groups recently developed upcoming opportunities for qualified buyers to shop in High Point this December. HPMA is supporting exhibitors and buyers to connect during off-market periods.

The High Point Showroom Association has offered year-around access to their member companies for more than 30 years. Their Designer Holiday Market event is scheduled for Wednesday, December 2 in their 38 showrooms.

A number of exhibitors, over the past several weeks, have come to favor the idea of a First Tuesday push. The notion of organizing a consistent initiative originated with Manwah USA CEO Guy Ray, HPMA noted, and, to date, 76 exhibitors have actually committed to open on Tuesday, December 1, and Wednesday, December 2.

High Point x Design, a new group formed earlier this year, is planning a 5-day Cool Yule shopping event December 1 to 5 including 17 flagship showrooms, with consideration of a calendar that will include dates for additional events for early 2021.

Exhibitors opening their doors for the events have pledged to follow all United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services safety mandates and suggestions, in addition to continuing the safety measures implemented during the Fall Market High Point Market this past October.

“High Point Market is where the industry comes together, but given this current COVID-era, it’s not surprising we’re seeing an increase in exhibitors embracing showroom traffic outside of the typical April and October dates,” said Tom Conley, HPMA president and CEO. “Our role at the Market Authority is to support the buy/sell relationship between manufacturers and buyers here in High Point. Given that COVID-19 has pushed us all to adapt, we are open to High Point-focused initiatives that are working alongside us to further cement High Point as a design destination and vital resource for the industry.”