New Made In U.S.A, Citronella Candles Roll From FlashPoint

FlashPoint Candle is introducing a made in the U.S.A candle line and launching a new citronella initiative. The product taking on the made in America mantel is Trio while the citronella initiative offers six new scents.

The Trio collection arises from a partnership with Pottery Works, a boutique company based in Cambridge, WI, FlashPoint stated, adding that the label launches at a time when many retailers are looking for 100% U.S.-made product. “Often candle companies state U.S.A. made on their labels, but the vessels are usually made off-shore,” Drea Groeschel, founder and CEO of FlashPoint Candle, said in announcing the product introduction. “We are proud to say that Trio is hand thrown in Wisconsin and hand poured in Ohio. It doesn’t get more U.S.A. than that.”

Suggested retailer price for the candles is $39.99.

“I urge retailers and consumers alike to remember these candles have a handmade vessel thrown by master potters at Rowe Pottery, and each is food safe and can be used time and time again as a wonderful kitchen serving piece, making for a value added component and supporting U.S.A. jobs to boot,”  Groeschel noted.

The new citronella candles come in Coconut Citronella, Mango Citronella, Elderberry Citronella, Wild Blueberry Citronella, Garden Herb Citronella, and Water Lotus Citronella fragrances. They launch in the company’s Saxon, Bennett, and Hamilton designations as part of the FlashPoint Candle flagship Artisan Series.

The 6-wick, 9-inch diameter Saxon candles debut at a $45 SRP, the 12-wick, 12-inch diameter Bennett candles as a $125 SRP, and the 17-wick, 15-inch diameter Hamilton candles at a $199 SRP.

“I selected these innovative fragrances to fill a void in the availability of fresh, pleasant scents that provide the characteristic for which citronella oil is known.”  Groeschel said, “The new blends provide a bouquet of fresh herbs, fruits and florals, all items that would be picked fresh from a beautiful garden.”