New Metro Expands Multifunctional Gadgets Assortment

With a focus on multifunctionality, New Metro is launching two new food prep gadgets: the Multi-Strainer and Multi-Peeler. Both products will be offered at the International Home + Housewares Show, here.

Designed to stain and drain liquids with no leaking, the Multi-Strainer is elliptically shaped and securely clips onto the rim of any size pot or pan. The Multi-Strainer is constructed with small perforations in the middle that channel liquids towards a long row of wider perforations along the rim, making it ideal for draining water from pasta or grease while frying, the company said. A pouring spout in the middle ensures liquids pour off easily, and cool-touch clips on each size allow the Multi-Strainer to attach to pots and pans. It is dishwasher safe and has a suggested retail price of $14.95.

The Multi-Peeler was designed to allow cooks to peel the skin off fruits and vegetables, as well as create julienne slices with just one tool. It features a protective cover that slices back and forth to switch from using either one of two stainless steel blades for peeling or julienne slicing. Additionally, a notch at the end of the Multi-Peeler removes potato eyes and other produce blemishes. Designed in bright orange with white accents, the peeler is dishwasher safe and has a suggested retail price of $11.95.