Newegg Revitalizes Mobile Commerce Operations

Consumer technology and home goods e-commerce operator Newegg has redesigned its mobile shopping operation. The initiative rendered a new mobile site optimized for viewing on mobile devices, and universal applications functional with Android and iOS software. 

Visitors to will find a streamlined shopping experience, the company asserted, including improved navigation and important functionality improvements that will help shoppers find products of interest. The refresh also enhances the shopper’s ability to compare a subset of those products, and provides an easier checkout process.

Among the benefits of the m-commerce redesign:

  • New Universal Apps. Newegg followed the latest Android and iOS design guidelines to ensure the user experience is consistent across the breadth of smartphones and tablets on both Android and iOS, while integrating with iCloud.
  • Better Mobile Shopping Experience. Now, shoppers using iOS and Android devices can create a new personal homepage that they can customize with shortcuts to particular categories or products, the ability to set product price alerts and a barcode scanner they can use to compare Newegg prices with those found in brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Streamlined Checkout. Mobile shoppers can add discounted products to their carts without the need to enter a promo code prior to purchase and make edits immediately to their shopping cart, as well as display important information at the first checkout screen, such as security codes.
  • Mobile-Only Deals. Newegg will offer certain deals only for purchases made on its mobile platforms.

“Rather than take the iterative approach of updating individual components of our mobile platform, we felt our customers would appreciate a complete redesign of Newegg’s mobile shopping experience,” said James Wu, Newegg COO. “As a result, every customer who interacts with Newegg on a mobile device will find it easier to research, compare and purchase products.”