Nielsen: Pandemic Boosts Online Shopping Globally

According to Nielsen, in its new “Global New Shopper Normal Study,” only 9% of global consumers regularly shopped online before the COVID-19 pandemic. But as movement restrictions pushed consumers indoors, online adoption skyrocketed, with 27% of global consumers starting to shop online for the first time.

By May 2020, 44% of global consumers said they were shopping online each week, with 23% reporting they shopped online multiple times each week. Among constrained consumers, those whose income and spending have been significantly curtailed due to unemployment, furloughing or other COVID-19-related challenges, these indicators are even more significant, with 31% new to online shopping and 30% shopping online multiple times per week. Indeed, 20% of constrained consumers now regularly use e-commerce as their most frequented channel.

In North America, Nielsen identified 71% of constrained consumers as omnichannel shoppers.