Nokia Completes Withings Transition, Focuses On Digital Health

Nokia has officially completed the transition of digital health products from Withings, which have all been rebranded under the Nokia name. The company acquired Withings in 2016 for an estimated $191 million.

The company has also launched new digital health tools as it grows its digital health focus. The launch includes the Nokia Body, a BMI WiFi connected scale, and Nokia BPM+, a compact blood pressure monitor with a flexible cuff.

Nokia also redesigned its Health Mate app. The redesign includes enhanced navigation for the discovery of content, new wellness programs including Sleep Smarter, Better Body, Pregnancy Tracker, Healthier Heart and the Leaderboard, and new tools to visualize progress towards goals.

“Nokia’s global expansion into digital health builds on Nokia’s unmatched track record of quality, reliability and trust, which are characteristics that are all critical to success in the health industry,” said Brad Rodrigues, interim president at Nokia Technologies. “The products are beautiful, easy to use and fit seamlessly into people’s daily lives, enabling individuals to easily monitor and improve their health.”

Along with the newly branded digital health appliances, Nokia trackers, scales, and other health care devices are now available at select retail stores with more locations to be added soon.